Saturday, 25 August 2012

Pagan Pilgrimage to the Capitoline Museums

A few months ago I visited the Capitoline Museums (or Musei Capitolini), here follows some of my favourite works from those Museums. 

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"Capitoline Wolf" nursing the twins Romulus (mythical founder of Rome) and Remus, date uncertain (twins added in the renaissance period)

 Roman mosaic, 2nd-3rd century CE

"Medusa" by G L Bernini, 17th century CE

Mosaic of the Doves, from an original of 2nd century BCE

Mosaic of theatrical masks (tragedy and comedy), 2nd century CE

Roman statues inside the Capitoline Museums

Colossal statue restored as Oceanus, 1st-2nd century CE


Mars Ultor


Altar dedicated to Sol, 1st century CE

Baby Hercules strangling a snake, 2nd century CE

Emperor Commodus as Hercules, 2nd century CE

Marcus Aurelius, 2nd century CE

Roman woman, 2nd century CE

Drunken old woman, Roman copy of 3rd century BCE Hellenistic work by Myron of Thebes 

Lion seizing an antelope, 3rd century CE

Altar with bas-relief of Silvanus


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