Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Other Roman Pagan Website

Painting of a woman writing by Zocchi (b. 1874)
Update, January 2016: I have decided to discontinue the website at the old url due to back-end problems associated with it that were not fun to deal with. However, I have not abandoned the idea behind the website, which was to repurpose content from this blog in a way that is more navigable for people new to Roman polytheism. Therefore, a virtually identical website can now be found at - though note that it is not as polished as the old one was.

The original post read as follows
I thought it might be fun to create a website drawing largely on content created for this blog; essentially the idea is to present content that I have created for this blog (plus some additional content) in a more navigable way. To be honest it has not been that fun putting it together (in fact it has been more complex and stressful than I was expecting) but I have put so much work into it I thought I may as well publish it. I own the domain name for a year, so I am thinking of it as a potentially temporary venture, whereas I am more or less committed to blogging, so long as I enjoy it (which I still do). I wish to emphasise that this website presents one person’s interpretation of Roman polytheism. I don't know everything there is to know about Roman polytheism, I am just someone who is rather keen on it, and is as addicted to writing, researching and the pursuit of knowledge as I am addicted to the internet.

Written by M. Sentia Figula. Find me at neo polytheistRoman Pagan and on Facebook.


  1. I have explored your website. Simply great! You have made a relevant contribution and an important resource towards the diffusion and understanding of polytheism - in particular the Traditional Roman one but not limited to this - as a practice of tolerance and joy of life. This is particular important in this age of fanaticism and religious violence.
    Again, a very good work.
    Pax et Fortuna

    1. Thank you! I am really glad you like it. I'm not sure what I think of it yet - I'm thinking of it as an experiment (and a headache - I used to think I was good with computers until I tried to set up a website!), as long as it helps me to keep learning then I think I might come to like it. It's a lot less personal than blogging though, which I am not sure I like.